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A.P Rescue Hairloss 4-6 Mask

Hydrate & Repair

A multi-tasking rinse-off mask that is meant to be left on your scalp after your shampoo. It contains marine algae and amino acids to repair, revitalize and hydrate dry and damaged hair. At the same time, the combination of active ingredients helps reduce hair fall, increase hair density, and prevent premature greying of hair strands.

A.P Rescue Hairloss 4-6 Mask


  • Reduces Hair Loss
  • Increases Hair Density
  • Prevents Grey Hair
  • Hydrates/Repairs Damaged Hair

After shampoo, apply an adequate amount of A.P Hair Loss 4-6 mask on scalp, spread evenly to ensure good distribution on scalp and hair strands. Leave on for 2 minutes, and rinse thoroughly with water.

Product size: 250ml
Retail price: SGD100
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