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Enhancing the glow in you

Pollution, nutrition, seasonal changes, and lifestyle choices continually influence our skin. As a result, our skin is continually fighting to stay healthy in the face of environmental stimuli.

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Luminous Skin Program offers an alternative for those afford the downtime or want to avoid needles.

The Hydrafacial Syndeo is a gentle treatment that works for all skin types and provides deep cleansing to remove impurities. The process serves as a deep cleanser, extractor, and hydrator all in one go.

By combining the benefits of the Hydrafacial with Pico Laser, which helps stimulate collagen production to improve skin texture, and ADVATx's yellow laser, you will regain healthy skin and avoid the annoying pigmented spot that can result from sun exposure. 

Further incorporating c-PDRN, a DNA fragment extracted from wild salmon, and the Hyaluronic acid-rich Rejuran Skin Tone Up booster, the program can reinforce the skin’s natural barrier function, stimulate collagen production, and brighten skin complexion.