Signature Treatments

Glass Skin Illumia

Who is the fairest of them all?

Collagen is essential to our skin’s structure but, with age, our skin loses approximately 1% of its dermal collagen content every year. Precise, sequenced treatments can delay this process, replenish your skin’s ‘bounce’, and reverse the signs of aging.

Program treatments


  • 1x HydraFacial Syndeo Express

  • 1x ADVATx Yellow Laser

  • Choose either:

    • 1x DEP - SkinUp by EXOXE, or 

    • 1x DEP - Rejuran Skin Booster


Treatment area


  • Face & neck


Refresh, rejuvenate, and renew your skin complexion with the Glass Skin Illumia program, a BMF holistic treatment that combines deep HydraFacial cleansing, EXOXE® exosome / cPDRN Rejuran® infusion skin booster, and ADVATTx Yellow laser.

Yellow laser has been dubbed the “glass skin laser” due to its efficacy in achieving bright, glowy skin. ADVATx Yellow laser has a dual wavelength of 589 nm and 1319 nm that produces deep rejuvenation with noticeable clinical improvements with minimal downtime. It helps improve acne scars, reduce wrinkles, repair sun-damaged skin, and restore skin tone safely and predictably.