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EnerPeel® Pyruvic Acid (PA)

If you have skincare concerns that involve ageing, open pores and pigmentation, EnerPeel® Pyruvic Acid (PA) may just be what you need! It is a gentle but highly effective anti-ageing medical-grade peel treatment.

EnerPeel® Pyruvic Acid (PA) has the next most active acid to TCA (TriChloroacetic acid), with a much greater safety profile. It is a chemo exfoliating solution based on pyruvic acid, a keto acid, characterized by chemo exfoliating properties. Because Enerpeel uses the technology strength of acid (reduction of proton mobility), it is able to efficiently remodel the skin with lower risks and lesser downtime. 

What makes EnerPeel® Pyruvic Acid (PA) unique is it is able to perform gentle and consistent exfoliating action without compromising its efficacy at every depth of the skin. It uses a patented molecule that allows a more homogenous absorption of the acid through both polar and non-polar structures of the skin. Acid activity is restrained until it is absorbed by the skin. 

It also slows down proton mobility where the protons are held in a “dormant state” and absorbed into the skin, activated in a dynamic, controlled manner as they penetrate into different layers of the skin. As protons contact with increased amount of water within the skin, their mobility increases. This increased proton mobility is the underlying basis of an efficient chemexfoliation with reduced superficial irritation. The result – less surface trauma, greater efficiency.


  • BALANCES skin tone
  • LIGHTENS dull skin
  • SLOWS down ageing skin
  • REDUCES pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles
  • MINIMISES melasma and scarring
  • IMPROVES skin elasticity, quality and texture
  • MINIMAL discomfort and side effects
  • SUPPORTS skin revitalization


  • AVOID intensive sun exposure for the next 7 days after treatment
  • APPLY moisturizing cream 2 times a day