Our Doctors

Dr. Felix Li

Strategic DoctorMBBS (National University of Singapore)

Dr. Felix Li envisions a transformative shift in the concept and ideology of "utilizing fillers" that is right at the cusp of a new era. Gone are the days when patients were faced with an either-or decision: appearing aged and weary, or appearing puffy and unnatural. Now, they have the empowering choice to embrace graceful aging, allowing their facial expressions to authentically mirror their emotions, leaving lasting first impressions that align with their true selves.

Felix Li


“With proper management and care, your natural beauty can shine through at any age.”

With a steadfast dedication to advancing medical knowledge, Dr Felix holds the distinction of being a designated trainer in the realm of injectable treatments, including filler and Botox procedures, in Singapore and the wider regional landscape. His expertise extends to being an appointed educator in the fields of fillers and Botulinum toxin applications across Singapore and the Asia Pacific sphere. He frequently takes the stage at prominent aesthetic conferences globally, with a special emphasis on non-surgical facelifts.

Furthermore, Dr Felix has left his scholarly mark in peer-reviewed scientific journals and continues to contribute, with multiple projects currently in progress. His rigorous academic contributions extend to being published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, coupled with his regular involvement as a speaker at various major international aesthetic conferences.

He boasts comprehensive accreditation by the Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee of the Singapore Medical Council for a range of aesthetic procedures, including:

  • Utilization of Botulinum toxin A (Botox)  for aesthetic purposes
  • Application of dermal fillers
  • Proficiency in ablative lasers
  • Expertise in pigment lasers
  • Skill in fractional thermolysis
  • Mastery in Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments
  • Aptitude in lasers targeting vascular disorders
  • Proficient in chemical peels
  • Competence in non-surgical skin tightening methods
  • Specialization in hair removal techniques
  • Authority in non-surgical fat-loss treatments