GentleMax Pro™: The Long-Term Solution for Hair Removal

GentleMax Pro™: The Long-Term Solution for Hair Removal

Tweezing, threading and waxing are popular hair removal methods that many are accustomed to - sometimes in defeat being left with no choice. The convenience is often marred by the painful process and the results are usually evidenced by skin darkening and ingrown hairs. If you are tired of the constant struggle of shaving and waxing to remove hair, GentleMax Pro™, a long-lasting treatment with additional benefits, is a popular choice for individuals seeking a hair removal treatment. 

Lasting Results

The GentleMax Pro™ is a laser hair removal device that offers efficient results through the collective action of two powerful lasers - the 755nm Alexandrite (the Alexandrite) and 1064 nm Nd:YAG (ND-Yag).

Its dual wavelength allows for optimal treatment for all skin types, which is ideal in ethnically diverse Singapore as we are able to offer laser hair removal with optimised wavelength and settings for every patient. This makes it safe for hair removal in darker skin tones.

In this treatment, laser energy is delivered through a small handpiece that will be operated by our doctors. The laser delivers an intense light beam which the skin absorbs and converts into heat.

The GentleMax Pro™ excels in offering fast, cost-effective and safe laser hair removal that have resulted in highly satisfied patients and comfort. In general, patients are able to see results from permanent hair removal within 4-6 treatments.

Usability with All Skin Types

The Alexandrite: Projected wavelength is highly effective for lighter skin tones, to target the melanin in the hair follicles.

ND-Yag: The 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser, which penetrates deeper into the skin, is better suited for individuals with darker skin tones because it bypasses the upper layers of the skin where melanin is more concentrated. This allows the laser energy to reach the hair follicles more safely and effectively, minimising the risk of damage to the surrounding skin.

How powerful is GentleMax Pro™? 

Don’t let the name fool you; while the GentleMax Pro™ treatment is significantly less painful than other laser systems (no more digging your nails into the treatment bed!), it yields maximum results. A combination of two gold-standard laser wavelengths explains the GentleMax Pro™’s effectiveness:

  • The Alexandrite – perfect for targeting fairer skin with darker hair.
  • ND-Yag – the one you want if you have a darker skin tone and darker hair. 

Most laser hair removal systems contain only one or the other, which explains why past treatments may not have worked for you. The two wavelengths in the GentleMax Pro™ mean that no matter what your skin tone, hair colour or hair thickness, the GentleMax Pro™ will work. 

Moving at two pulses per second, the GentleMax Pro™ doesn’t compromise on efficiency either. And with very large spot sizes of 22mm, a larger skin surface area can be covered at once; a GentleMax Pro™ treatment on a female leg treatment should take no more than 10 minutes, and men will be glad to know the same goes for back hair removal.

Deeper Penetration

For more vascular issues such as facial redness and vascular lesions, the ND-Yag laser is more beneficial, as it will be able to reach blood vessels rooted deeper into the skin, compared to the The Alexandrite.

What’s the difference between IPL andGentleMax Pro™?

Both IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and GentleMax Pro™ serve the purpose of permanent body hair removal. GentleMax Pro™ is a laser treatment, whereas IPL is not (although it’s similar to laser). The biggest difference between the two is the type of light they emit: IPL machines emit extremely bright and less focused broad-spectrum light, whereas the GentleMax Pro™ emits just two highly focused wavelengths. IPL’s widely dispersed light doesn’t target and destroy hair follicles and their bases as precisely, deeply or safely as the GentleMax Pro™ Pro’s thin beam of light.

What kind of hair reduction can I expect after usingGentleMax Pro™ ?

Fewer laser hair removal sessions are needed with the GentleMax Pro™ than with other laser hair removal systems. Four to six sessions should be all you need for permanent hair removal in the targeted area (which you simply shave before the procedure); this is even if you have features that with other laser systems, contributed to slower treatment effectiveness – like thicker hairs or darker skin. The GentleMax Pro™ does not discriminate! 

Interested in trying this treatment? Speak to us today to find out more about GentleMax Pro™ !