BMF Clinic: Our History, Our Journey

BMF Clinic: Our History, Our Journey

BMF's history is one that is deeply rooted in Singapore, having started out in 1987 as two heavyweight brands in the beauty industry: Bella Facial Care and Marie France Bodyline.

Over the years, our Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Amy Quek, saw how the services from both brands could be brought together to create a one-stop beauty center that could easily meet the beauty needs of a modern woman. Her commitment to providing convenience for our clients resulted in the amalgamation of both Bella Facial Care and Marie France Bodyline into BMF Bella Marie France in 2017, with 7 outlets across Singapore.

However, as skin care and wellness routines started to take off in the late 2010s and competition became more stiff, Ms. Amy knew we had to get technology onto our side to give customers the best services we could offer and value-add to their time spent with us. By constantly bringing in some of the latest treatment machines in the industry, Ms. Amy decided in 2022 that a rebrand was necessary to solidify our commitment towards aesthetical standards and service excellence, resulting in today's BMF The Aesthetics People.

Despite the success of the BMF brand over the decades, Ms. Amy has always felt that our extensive list of services was missing a key component: medical aesthetics. This included the likes of botox, dermal fillers, skin boosters, and laser therapies--treatments which can help our customers actively target and address various skin concerns in the shortest time possible. To close off that gap, Ms. Amy started laying the groundwork by researching on and securing aesthetics equipment that have established its mark in the beauty and aesthetics industry. 

With equipment and technology from notable brands such as GentleMax Pro®, CoolSculpting®, and PicoWay® added to our repertoire, the BMF brand was finally ready for its next expansion: BMF Clinic.

"To me, BMF Clinic is not just a business. We are a community of like-minded, ambitious and driven people who are empowered to do what they set out to do. BMF Clinic is a place for all to not only become beautiful, but feel beautiful as well. I want our clients to walk out of our door feeling like a million bucks, feeling like they are empowered to do what they want to do, unconstrained by restrictions." - Ms. Amy Quek, CEO

With our first BMF Clinic outlet located at Parkway Parade open on 19th Oct 2023, customers can most certainly look forward to a whole new slate of services that are carefully designed to provide significant results, with little to no down time. 


  • To make an appointment, you may contact our booking hotline at 1800 7777 111 or drop a WhatsApp message to +65 9048 7088
  • To learn more on our full list of treatments, you may visit our treatments page here


As we remain steadfast in our commitment towards providing the best for our clients, the establishment of BMF Clinic is another key milestone in our journey forward, and we hope to have you alongside us in the years ahead.